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karins is here. >> iowa, missouri, kansas, nebraska, arkansas, oklahoma, it's all a mess this morning. good morning, everyone. we're already watching heavy snow in some portions of north oklahoma, the north western part of the state. now heavy periods of freezing rain pushing through oklahoma city. tulsa, even reports of thunder out there, a lot of dynamics in the atmosphere. white is showing light snow, blue heavier snow. you up through the ozarks, missouri say mess. this is the ice storm warning, by the way. northern arkansas, the pink is winter storm warnings. again pretty much four states of the bull's-eye, and denver, too, they'll be getting snow, plenty cold. kansas city, st. louis, chicago, des moines. what comes down from the sky is going to be frozen. not guaranteed to be all snow, there will be sleet, too. the latest models predicting, 6 to 12 bull's-eye over kansas. a little less for st. louis to chicago but still enough to cause a lot of travel concerns. and the highest snowfalls expected to be right around kansas city, omaha and wichita. a lot of shoveling. that's a look
. >> it's got its sights set on the midwest with heavy, heavy snow falling across northern missouri and kansas city. we'll most likely end up with another foot of snow on top of the last week. amarillo, texas. the second snow west day they've seen with 19 inches of snow reported yesterday. so you can see that the heaviest of the snow is continuing through kansas, through missouri. and that's where we do still have winter storm warnings. blowing snow is creating still thos blizzard warnings across portions of oklahoma. we also, with this storm system, actually have tornado watches posted down across the panhandle of florida. and some of these storms will produce torrential downpours. but the heaviest of the snower the blinding snow, is occurring back through kansas city and right through central missouri. that's where we're seeing the dividing line between the torrential rains and the heavy downpours of snow. again, we could see a foot of snow of course portions of missouri. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. philadelphia wi
and we will be just fine weather wise. this is a little town on the missouri-arkansas border. during the day, we have been looking at a lot of cold stuff there with the rain changing into an ice storm. meanwhile, some video from kansas city, missouri where a little north and west, it is all snow. warnings. from one side of missouri to the other, the same story. lot of snow and ice. south and east of the storm center, a problem with severe weather breaking up. high and low the temperatures. this cold trend will continue just a bit what. upper 30's to the south and east with the winds diminishing. it is going to be mighty cold overnight with lows in the '20s. as wencreasing cloudiness headed to the overnight hours. we're going to keep a close eye on the circulation around this system. this is liquid, mostly grain and storms. then we will get into some cold and dry air and we don't expect a lot of the precipitation to make it to our area. tomorrow, there could be some moving from the south and southwest and could be a little sleet and snow. freezing rain could be part of the picture as
's mid- section. missouri, kansas, nebraska, among the states feeling the brunt of the storm. claudia cohen has the latest from kansas city where more than a foot of snow hit the ground. >> reporter: a whiteout across the nation's midsection. in kansas city, missouri, the snow plows trying to clear the roads while people work on the sidewalks. everyone is struggling to keep up with the accumulation. city leaders working to keep residents safe and informed. >> we're keeping the community centers open if people need shelter and we trying to make sure we're pushing out in which information as we can. from parking on the street and where to go if you get in trouble or stranded. >> reporter: the heavy snow shutting down the kansas city international airport. across the state, st. louis turning into a winter wonderland. in the neighboring state of kansas, transportation officials shutting counsel more than 90 -- down more than 90 miles of interstate and urging folks to city off the roads and in nebraska, snow plows gearing up for a long day of work and in to southern california on wednesday
, arizona, nevada, montana, missouri, ohio. in colorado the margin of victory was six points. in ohio it was 14 points. in arizona it won by 30 points. in nevada it won by almost 40 points. this is the kind of margin that rises in the minimum wage pass by. when you ask people to vote on them. in montana in 2004 the minimum wage increase passed by a 45-point margin. it got almost 75% of the vote. you know, because montana's so liberal. just like missouri is. a bunch of commies out there, right? in missouri the margin was even bigger than montana that year. the minimum wage increase passed in missouri by a 52-point margin. i'm going to let that sink in for a second. the minimum wage initiative passed in red state missouri by 52 points. and in those states that were voting on raises in the minimum wage that year, woe be unto the anti-minimum wage republicans who were republicaning against democratic republicans who ront winning side of that issue. that year was the year we elected now familiar senate faces like ohiotion sherrod brown, where he took the side of the minimum wage increase t
, kansas and missouri. the snowfall forecast, this pink is 6 to 12 includes wichita and kansas city. omaha and des moines. it looks minneapolis/st. louis, lighter snowfall. but still some impact. >> when you say thundersnow, that always freaks me out a little bit. >>> coming up -- the latest on a plane crash out of nashville that killed five. >>> plus, congressman jesse jackson jr. has pleaded guilty, now the fight to limit his jail time begins. >>> and take a look at this. sun spots that the have the ability to swallow six earths. that's the least of our concerns. we'll tell you why when we come back. [ male announcer ] why is kellogg's crunchy nut so delicious? because every flake is double-toasted... splashed with sweet honey... and covered in rich double-roasted peanuts. mmm. [ hero ] yummy. [ male announcer ] kellogg's crunchy nut. it's super delicious! [ male announcer ] kellogg's crunchy nut. if your a man with low testosterone, you should know that axiron is here. the only underarm treatment for low t. that's right, the one you apply to the underarm. axiron is not for use in women
out what caused a massive explosion in kansas city, missouri. we now know one person was killed in the blast but first and cadaver dogs are still searching the rubble there. adriana diaz has the latest. >> reporter: fire officials say they found a body in the blackened rubble of a popular kansas city, missouri restaurant. police had not been able to account for at least one j.j.'s employee after an explosion tuesday night. >> we cannot provide positive identification at this point. obviously it is sad news. >> reporter: officials are still searching the rubble to make sure there aren't more victims of the blast damaged several victims in the surrounding area. flames ripped through the shopping district before the dinnertime rush. witnesses smelled gas. fine officials confirm there was an accident at a construction site about an hour before the blast. >> we were called for a construction worker that had struck a gas line. we arrived on the scene there, conferred with missouri gas & energy at the time. we left the scene in their hands. >> repo
event we were at, missouri women's group is the name of the group. missouri is swab swahili for beautiful women. just want to say thank you for your great work in san francisco. thank you for your work at the school, and thank you for -- you worked with my children as well. thank you for your service. >> thank you, john. [cheering and applauding] >> wow, i just feel so blessed and honored. first giving honor to god for me even being here. i just feel like i'm just representing one of many educators, parent educators, counselors, janitors, everyone that works in the schools with our kids. i want to really thank my daughter erica and my granddaughter jerica and my niece laurie who are here today. but also the women missouri women's group. if you could please just stand up. dianne johnson started this group. (applause) >> my aller jais. -- allergies. she worked tirelessly to get women and grandmothers, mothers, nieces, aunts, and even men are coming a lot to our functions. you know, i just want to charge you all with one really important thing. there's no song that goes no man
in kansas city missouri a driver tried to round a corner on a slick snow covered road when the bus started to slide. there you see it. the bus slid into a light pole. and the light pole goes down to the ground. parts of missouri saw 5 to 13 inches of snow depending on where people lived. >>> that's so cool. thunder snow you can hear it in kansas. they were treated to lightning thunder and snow so at the same time it's called thunder snow. pretty rare occurrence. it is part of the same weather system that is moving over missouri and parts of the midwest. air quaffs kansas could see up -- areas of kansas could see up to 18 inches of snow. >> that's a cool weather phenomenon. >> it is. it's cool. and basically it's like a thunderstorm but what you have going on is like during the summertime colder air aloft and warm air at the ground. and that's what happened 30 at the ground and you are thinking that's cold but we had a colder shot of air that rolled through and that's why we got the thunder snow. let's check out what's going on because we have temperatures in westminster coming in at 24 deg
of emergency for kansas city council missouri, we tried to -- kansas city missouri. >> reporter: the blizzard brought -- blizzard brought hurricane force winds and trapped drivers on the highway for more than nine hours. kansas suffered two feet of snow overnight. airlines have canceled 1,400 flights. it will hit to the upper midwest and bring snow to buffalo and northern new england. >>> a new report shows we could be in trouble when it comes to the state's water supply. we will look at the numbers when it comes to the needs of the state's farming community. >>> he leaves for the vatican to choose the next pope. he will be replacing pope benedict xvi who officially steps down on thursday. the cardinal is talking about some of the qualities he is looking for in the next pope. >> it is help foul have a lynn gift particular -- linquist particularrability. to have knowledge of other languages is very helpful. >> they want to elect a new hope before holy week and we learned he will continue to wear white. >>> they are celebrating a legal victory that should allow them to stay open at least until
to stun the hoosiers. >>> next to missouri's and texas a&m. aggies down one with seconds on the clock with the crushing three-pointer and the win over missouri, 70-68. >>> next to the nba an an east versus west rivalry, the team, the lakers and the celticses. and jeff green laid a nasty block on antoine jamison. and paul pierce put the icing on the third quarter with a transition. celticses, 115, lakers, 95. >>> and finally super bowl colin kaepernick decided to add new ink to his chest. you can see the use of serious artwork on his pecs, shoulders and neckline. just imagine if he won the game. >>> "early today" sports is brought to you by just for men autostop. gray is over. >>> just ahead, a leaked memo tells rock stars, musicians and singers not to show too much skin. this you deputy heagot to hear. that's coming up next. >>> good morning and welcome back. we are focusing on this storm. a storm that is slowly going to spread snow into the northeast gradually through the day. although in new york city it will mix with and eventually change over to rain before it ends as snow. and ve
.ncicap.org-- >> wow. missouri -- parts of the midwest, some areas receiving as much as 17 inches of snow. that storm system is headed our way. good morning washington. it is friday, february 22. >> i am natasha barrett in course and a. what can we expect from the storm system? we begin with jacqui jeras. >> good morning. a winter weather advisory has been posted along the blue ridge and areas off to the west including rappahannock and madison county is, as well as hampshire, locking ham, and page county. that is where we are expecting the wintery mix to the onset of this morning. accumulation could be reaching a around 0.5 inches or 1 inch. most of this should hold off until the noon hour. i do expect some sleet and snow here. a little accumulation. our temperatures should stay above the freezing mark. right now, we are at freezing, 29 at dulles. 27 degrees in winchester. our express forecast -- cloudy skies, 33 degrees, cloudy and a light mix and 35 by noon, and 5:00 our temperature around 36 degrees. it will be a wet start to the weekend. let's see how the roads are with cheney. >> -- with jamie.
of oklahoma, kansas, missouri, iowa. we are talking about a foot of snow reported on the ground in some of these places and still expecting the snow to continue to pile up. you will be seeing some of the snowfall as we head into later on today. we could be looking at 6 inches possibly more not just chicago but areas across the midwest. we have winter storm warnings in effect. blizzard warnings across north central sections of oklahoma. it will continue to prolong the blizzard conditions. you will be looking at significant snowfall starting as early as tomorrow. snow across chicago later today rain in new york city as we head into tonight. i want to continue with severe weather. we had a tornado warning in northeastern franklin county and southeastern liberty county. there could be a tornado on the ground and national weather service detected one is developing and wind gusts at 77 miles per hour was clocked with the storm. it will effect northern florida. >> straight line winds can be more dangerous. >>> fthree-days away from when the sequestor will go into effect. president obama is hea
. >>> want to get to some breaking news. a massive fire we told you about earlier in kansas city, missouri, has caused massive damage and injuries. you're looking at these pictures. billy sutton is on the phone. he saw it happen. billy, what happened? >> well, actually, i didn't see it happen. i came upon the scene after it already happened. after emergency vehicles had already responded. a huge fire at the restaurant or just in front of the restaurant, a gas explosion. and i know that probably injuries, i'm not sure, but it was a big fire. they started pushing people back and blocked off the street about one or two blocks away. at this point can't get any closer, but there's helicopters in the air and everything. >> as we're speaking right now, it looks like those flames are still going pretty strong. has it gone down over the last few minutes or it is still as intense? >> no, it was a lot bigger fire. i think -- but it was once the building's probably -- and i guess the fire was out for a while. but it was a large, large fire. >> billy sutton, thanks for calling in, from kansas city, mis
of the night back in 2001. a rare full moon on halloween. a college town, columbia, missouri. ryan ferguson and chuck ericsson, both at 17, considerably underwage gained entry at a college bar. judge a hangout named -- >> by george. got in, started dancing. >> that's young to get into a club. >> college town, university. a way people live in college towns. everybody wants to be in the mix. >> it was ryan's older sister kelly helped sneak them in. >> i remember seeing ryan and chuck one time in there. ryan was talking to a flamingo-dressed girl who was very tall. they seemed to be having lots of fun. >> outside, raucous music carried through empty streets till 1:30 a.m. 2:00 a.m. was quitting time at the columbia daily tribune. the deadline for rookie sportswriter michael boyd. i encountered his boss. as they talked, boyd says they saw of all things a stray cat clawing at a car. >> the cat was clawing his tire. >> clawing is a tire? >> like a scratching post. they said good night. it was perhaps ten minutes later, 2:26 a.m. when two janitors called 911. >> we need someone here at the columbi
killed an 18-year-old guy. the missouri governor declared a state of emergency, and officials are warning people, stay off the roads, claiming sheets of ice have completely covered stretches of interstate 44. some spots in kansas under a foot of snow and heavy windses have shut down kansas city international airport until further notice. let's get right to the extreme weather center. but first, let's go to mike tone bin who has the news from nebraska. i here it's getting worse and worse. reporter: it is put we haven't seen the worth of it here, yet. the snow is coming down right now. the temperatures not that severe 27 degrees. the ground is warm and we're just getting to the point where the snow is starting to stick. by and large it was melting but it is expected to increase. one person in public works estimated we'll have the snow coming down at the rate of an inch in an hour, and he put the over and under at 10-1/2 inches for nebraska. but a lot of advance warning. kids staying home from school. the department of roads here big snow plows working two 12-hour shifts, with the exception
. and anytime they have territory they are grappling over, they have problems. the missouri compromise is to solve this. missouri came in as a slave state, and this is between lee states and free states. so they come up with a plan. out of this whole louisiana territory, they say we are going to draw a line in slavery will be permitted below this line, but not above this line. missouri can come in as a slave state. the state of maine can come in as a free state. and this fragile peace keeps the unit together. now america has all this new territory. and lincolnlincoln and his colleagues stick to their guns. they're fighting about how it will be constituted. one of the principles that issued this, they sound kind of obscure. part of the biggest issues in the united states. he said that any territory applied by the united states will not have slavery. lincoln and his colleagues are actually able to win in the organization of the territory argument. so he's really getting his feet under him. he is giving this major address on the mexican-american war. bc lincoln standing up to the taxpayer
, missouri. adriana diaz reports for we'll, firefighters are still searching through the rubble for more victims. >>> fire officials say they found a body in the blackened rubble of a popular kansas city missouri restaurant. police had not been able to account for at least one jj's employee after an explosion tuesday night. >> we cannot provide any positive identification at this point. obviously, it is sad news. >> reporter: officials are still searching the rubble to make sure there aren't any more victims. the blast damaged several buildings in the surrounding area. flames ripped through the shopping district, just before the dinnertime rush. witnesses say they smelled gas. fire officials confirmed there was an accident at a construction site about an hour before the blast. >> we were called for a construction worker that had struck a gas line. we arrived on the scene there, conferred with missouri gas energy at the time. we left the scene in their hands. >> reporter: the explosion and fire injured at least 15 people, some critically. a major win
get it. >>> a body is found in the aftermath of a massive explosion in kansas city, missouri. adriana diaz reports for wjz, firefighters are still searching through the rubble for any more victims. >> reporter: fireofficials say they found a body in the blackened rubble of a popular kansas city, missouri restaurant. police had not been able to account for at least one jj's employee, after an explosion tuesday night. >> we cannot provide any positive identification at this point. obviously, it is sad news. >> reporter: officials are still searching the rubble to make sure there aren't any more victims. the blast damaged several buildings in the surrounding area. flames ripped through the shopping district just before the dinnertime rush. witnesses say they smelled gas. fire officials confirmed there was an accident at a construction site, about an hour before the blast. >> we were called for a construction worker that had struck a gas line. we arrived on the scene there, conferred with missouri gas energy at the time. we left the scene in
fought back with a 13-2 run in the closing minutes to stun the hoosiers. >>> next to missouri's and texas a&m. aggies down one with seconds on the clock when a&m's fabyon harris with the crushing three-pointer and the win over missouri, 70-68. >> 49ers quarterback colin colin kaepernick decided to soothe his pain. before the big game he had those words on his chest but now he's added some serious artwork to his pecs, shoulders and neck line. imagine what it would look like if you won the game. >>> just ahead a leaked memo tells rock stars, musicians and singers not to show too much skin. plus more canine antics, this one you got to see. >>> good morning. welcome back. all eyes are on the northeast and this blizzard warning that's posted all across the coastline, especially up new england where boston, especially, could end up with about two feet of snow and wind gusts up to 60 to 65 miles per hour. on the west coast we're talking about rain, temperatures this morning are in the 30s and 40s but we've got scattered showers from san francisco down to. there a. off and on throughout most of t
into kansas city, missouri, especially the northern half of the state, southern iowa. then i'm concerned about icy conditions down here in the south. especially in the ozarks. mara, we're talk not talking about feet of snow like that new england storm, but some areas will get 6 to 12 inches. >>> coming up after the break -- an execution blocked at the 11th hour, one of the biggest diamond heists in recent memory and italy's mount etna roars to life. ♪ [ jen garner ] what skincare brand is so effective... so trusted... so clinically proven dermatologists recommend it twice as much as any other brand? neutrogena®. recommended by dermatologists 2 times more than any other brand. now that's beautiful. neutrogena®. ♪ neutrogena®. ♪ a flavor paradisens aof delicious fishes ♪♪ ♪ friskies seafood sensations. ♪ ♪ feed the senses. >>> welcome back 37 here's some other stories making news this morning, federal court appeals stepped in at the very last minute to halt the execution of georgia man, he was set to die tuesday night after being convicted in the 1999 killing of a fellow inmat
for family or friends, the worst of it in northern oklahoma, missouri, kansas, nebraska, iowa and eventually tonight into illinois and chicago. but for them, just a glancing blow, not as much. the highest snowfall totals will be in the pink shading here. 6 to 12 inches is a pretty wide swath of 6 to 12 inches of snow. the little area near i-35 north of wichita and kansas city, possibility of over a foot. there's a lot of cold air behind the storm through the inner mountain west. a lot of the cold air remains settled over much of the west from seattle, 46. phoenix this morning is at 40 along with friends in vegas. and that's not factoring in the breeze with the windchill. the storm itself is gone, so that's good. and now we have another storm diving down in the northwest. it does have some rain with it with snow at the highest elevations. we have winter weather advisories for the cascades, but for the most part a light rain moving down from the northwest with this. hopefully the olympics will shadow a little bit. we won't get a lot of heavy rain in areas like seattle, but you won't see shower
is causing some problems across portions of arkansas, kansas and missouri. actually in arkansas, due to the freezing rain here, a school bus slid off the road, injuring some of the students and not just this, causing these delays and this disruption of traffic, farther towards the west into arizona, we're talking about the pga tour and that got cancelled here because of the heavy snowfall coming down on the green. this is actually the fairway here with the green in the background. absolutely white here. not something you would expect to see into the middle of arizona, desert there in the background. you can see the cacti sticking up. definitely it's not unheard of to see the snow down here but it really is having an effect on the golf tournament there and now all the energy pulling off towards the east. there are also widespread school closings. in kansas and missouri you'll see about 30 centimeters of snow stretching out towards chicago going into the weekend as that storm system tracks off through the east. wichita also the airport has been completely closed, cancelling hundreds of
in missouri and why the storm has proven to be dangerous on the roads. >> plus the fight to curb gun violence in san francisco. how it could impact gun sales in the future. >> good morning westbound highway 4. looks good as you driver over and we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather >>> skies are mostly clear. it's cold and cool. 30s, 50s, sunshine today, highs in 90s now. low 60s to mid 60s. >> a major snowstorm is working it's way toward the northeast this morning after leaving much of the midwest in havoc. it dumped as much as 1 inches of snow in some places. in missouri some people have humidity to get out and push their vehicles. it interrupted school and legislative sessions. they're urging people to stay in doors. not only cars had trouble getting around. take a look at this video from kansas city. they captured a bus fishtailing out of control and crashing straight into a bus pole. the city had to shut down service. there's no word of any injuries from that accident. >> conditions are also terrible at the airport in wichita kansas where an airplane got stuck
and missouri. melisa raney has a look at what, in some cities, is storm. >> reporter: the national weather service is calling it "a crippling historic blizzard." a snow storm that pounded the texas panhandle monday with two-to-three inches an hour. in amarillo, texas the national weather service says nineteen inches fell monday--breaking a single day record for the month of february that was set in 1893. things got so bad the texas department of transportation actually pulled its plows off the roads.as national guard units helped stranded drivers. oklahoma declared a state of emergency >> "i've done this spot, probably seven times today." >> reporter: colorado snow plow driver joel thompson spent hours trying to clear one parking lot. last week--wichita kansas got its second-highest storm snowfall on record with more than a foot in two days--the city says it used half of its salt and sand. now this next storm could dump as much as 26 inches more. governor sam brownback says it has him very concerned. >> "the ditches are full of snow, so you can throw it off as quick or as easy, so this one
. the h heaviest snow falling across central missouri. wichita, kansas, has come in with the snowiest february on record. the last record was set 100 years ago. it's starting to clear out of kansas but it does look like missouri is going to be the jackpot for up to another foot of snow coming off of the snowstorm last week that also dumped a foot of snow around the kansas city area. the west coast minus a couple of showers, there's not a whole lot going on. temperatures today should top out in the lower 70s through l.a. a comfortable day out there way. 60 in san francisco. temperatures should be in the upper 40s. we'll be in and out of from bak, yuma, arizona, temperatures like nice and mild. but again, all eyes are still on that midwest storm. it's going to move into the chicago area so that creates flight delays all across the country. >> punxsutawney phil may be right about the west in terms of spring. >> around here it's not too bad. looks like rain midweek. >>> what spooked the market in yesterday's major drop-off continue today? plus, the diet that will ward off heart attacks an
to snow this much, break records. we are seeing the snow across missouri, heavy at times. look at all this rain. severe thunderstorms are likely down through the panhandle of florida. back where the snow is, we have winter storm warnings, oklahoma is reporting high wind gusts, blowing the snow around and blizzard-like conditions are felt out that way. kansas city will see the snow off and on throughout the day. heavy at times. look at this tornado watch moving through the panhandle and northern florida. that's an area where we could see very severe storms today. we are looking at perhaps up to a food of snow in the kansas city area and across northwestern missouri. chicago could end up with three inches out of this storm. >> a lot of snowfall. thanks so much. >>> can stocks rally after yesterday's major drop off? plus, a diet to ward off heart attacks and strokes. >>> iran photo shops the first lady. details in three minutes. you are watching "first look" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how about...by the bowlful?
in as many days to slam the heartland of our country. heavy snow across kansas and missouri while lashing the texas panhandle with hurricane-force winds. take a look at these photos. the winds whipping, stranding dozens of cars in the road there in amarillo and making road travel extremely treacherous. tens of thousands of people are without power that are still reeling from the last storm. it's making it very tough to clear the roads this time around. >> wind is blowing that snow up over the too much these plows and right back up on the windshield. it makes it about twice as hard as just trying to drive through it. jenna: tough work indeed. blinding snow also a real problem in kansas city, missouri. with a new blizzard blowing in only five days after the last one, it's been a kick turn around. we have live team fox coverage. maria molina is in the fox weather center. first to mike tobin in kansas city, missouri who is getting an up close look at the storm. what is the situation there. >> reporter: it looks like the worst of the storm has passed so far. i'm watching some of the drivers go
and charles wheeler airport in kansas city, missouri. they are closed and others across the country are seeing delays. melissa rainey shows us why. >> reporter: whipping winds, white-out conditions and treacherous roads. for people in the plains, this weather is like winter storm deja vu. just last week a storm dumped 22 inches of snow on parts of kansas. now they are dealing with another one. >> this one could be much more treacherous to travel in and we just ask you to exercise that more abundance of caution. >> reporter: in kansas city people are still trying to dig out of the snow dumped on them last week. and now, they're facing more. >> you can see behind me, what we're dealing with. >> reporter: officials are pleading with residents to stay off the roads. >> we declared a stat of emergency for kansas city, missouri. >> reporter: the storm walloped the texas panhandle. this video from the national weather service shows what those who venture out have to deal with. strong winds and poor visibility. from what they're calling a crippling hi
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arkansas and missouri. there's snow there but that's only half the story. lots of energy coming through california and arizona. they have blizzard warnings in the mountains outside of tucson. winter storm warnings all over the southwest through the central part of the country now. kansas looking at a foot, foot and a half, maybe two feet of snow out of this into missouri and northwest oklahoma. as this moisture moves east, looks like some will scoot south and some of it will scoot north. we may get that old d.c. split with snow lovers or any winter lovers, doesn't look like much headed our way. we're good through thursday, no problems here. then watch the system as it heads our way friday. here's that piece friday morning going south. here we are by midday north. we may see something break out here but right now looks like it will be a rather light event. so i put a yellow alert out for friday earlier. we may be dropping that to green. check with topper. windy and cold today, 38. partly cloudy, mostly cloudy up north. tonight we're in the upper teens to mid-20s. thursday 42. a few more
in the mountains. the cold air is in place around kansas city, up through areas of nebraska, iowa and missouri. that's where the storm itself is locked in. you can spinning through southern california. that is going to exit out through the plains. we already have a big area of rain developing in north texas and southern oklahoma. eventually, as this storm kicks out we will be watching a lot of snow developing. we already have winter storm warnings much of kansas and nebraska. these are all winter storm watches that will go over as either warnings or advisories in the days ahead. our computers, one of the more reliable computers is pinpointed snow from oklahoma northward to nebraska. 6 to 12 inches in a large area, including, kansas city, wichita and topeka area. that's the travel for tonight and tomorrow. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. today, we are watching that storm developing. as far as areas like kansas city go, looks like we've slowed the timing down just slightly on the storm. the worst of it will be later on tonight and th
natural gas... for a deadly restaurant in kansas city, missouri. missouri.j-jjs as destroyed by a naaurrl gas fire tuesday night.offiiiall sayinn contracting company hit a gas -3 line withha backhoe an hhur called 9-1-11anddattempted oo vvnt gas innthe rea -- pissouriigas energy officials say sooethinn inside the -3 reetaurann triggered the explosion. 3 ward says: "we couud sse the smoke from the top of our bbildinn, so i guess when ww - aparrment was on fire, we 3 started or if we were gonna be on firee.." hurttin the blast... and at least one person is dead. inveetigators ae still trying to figurr of the exact caasee pf the blast. &p3 30 million people are in the path of storm that is xpected to covee 11 staaes in snow ann ice.ed payne tells ussabout someeof the states affected 3 the sttrm. storm. (nat pop)this... is souuhern & arizona... ass he massive up...coating the cactus and &ppall trees with snow...(nat a vacation."i haae my dauggter 3 sun aad so we're disappointed for that reason."the storm haltee play at w-g-c match & play hampionshi
in the heart of all of it. kansas city, missouri. what is the situation where you are, mike? good morning. >> reporter: turn to a live picture that pretty much says it all. what you see in the supermarket parking lot is a snowplow that is stuck. he was trying to plow out of the parking lot. he got in the heavy, wet snow. he has a pickup. he has a light back end. he is calling his buddies to get him out. i tell you something making road crews happy, that most people are staying off the road, except bobby, our cameraman. there is car coming. i don't want you to get hit by that guy. the missouri department of transportation says they're throwing everybody they have at the storm and they're just barely keeping up. what they need for the storm is to let up right now. what they're glad about as opposed to last time bad weather hit, people are not out on the road pause the storm hit in the middle the night. last time around it turned into a big towing operation because people got out and drove. they hope people stay home and make their jobs easy. wet, heavy snow, ten inches where i am. reports o
in missouri had no option but to find a spot to pass out after 300 flights were canceled. getting around was no easier for those on four wheels or 18. >> coming in and getting stuck the tires melting the snow and turning into eyes and then cannot move. >> the blizzard has been blamed on more than 100 car accident and at least four death. it dumped more than 18 inches of snow in some places. nobody was inside this missouri dance studio in the roof collapsed under the heavy weight of the snow. the building is now condemned. states of emergency have now been declared in several states. while the north battles whiteout conditions, to the south, it is tornadoes doing the damage, reportedly leaving one woman dead when a tree crashed through a home. >> on way it has been affecting folks in our area those trying to travel more than 1400 flights nationwide have been grounded due to the ice and snow. autria godfrey, abc 7 news. >> thank you. that is some ugly stuff erie it -- ugly stuff. what can we expect over the weekend? we have our meteorologist with our first look at the weekend forecast. >>
the nation. it's pinning ssh -- spinning over missouri and dropping plenty of snow. blizzard conditions. it will trek to the upper midwest and then the liquid side of the system. once again down south they have the potential for severe weather for today and it works et cetera way off the north and we have the potential for flooding one to two inches. we are dry and if you have things to do, do it this morning because once the sunrises that's when it will be closer to us and we will see changing in the forecast. this morning, we are at 28 degrees in timonium and eldersburg. i will talk about more -- i will talk more about what's going to happen with the storm coming up. >>> one year ago trayvon martin was killed. >> what his family and the city of sanford are doing to improve relations within the community. >> a blizzard leaves two people dead and thousands in the dark. we will take you to the cleanup taking place in the midwest this morning. >> also, startling numbers for families. teenage drivers the number of highway deaths was high last year. what safety experts say could be the lead
that already buried the texas panhandle, oklahoma, kansas, and missouri. this storm is the second in a week and forecasters say the snow is heavy with moisture making it more difficult to clear. at least eight snowplows in missouri wound up in ditches. this dash cam caught thunder and lightning in kansas city. officials blame the storm for three deaths. over 100,000 homes and businesses are without electricity and many roads and schools are closed. few flights are getting out of airports in the region. chicago's o'hare has canceled more than 150 flights ahead of the storm. it's expected to dump up to half a foot there. residents of oklahoma and the texas panhandle are now digging out. 19 inches of snow buried amarillo, texas, its third largest snowstorm on record. the mountains outside denver got over 2 feet. but there is a bright side. every 10 inches of snow equal one inch of rain and this drought stricken region desperately needs water. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. >> the storm is pushing warm weather to the southern states, but that could spawn tornadoes. don't want those. >>
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